Why an IA-SA-BA?

One person who has all 3 capabilities

can see the big picture and has an informed understanding of the best way to coordinate the pieces (and the team) -- strategy into tactics and back again.

My core team

Sys Admins and Backend devs who know MVC, Magento, Rails, Linux, Nginx, are reliable to work with, at all random times of day or night
Frontend coders who use frameworks (Angular) and push boundaries of UI design
... Yes I know about the "Full Stack" developer, but I prefer the decoupling paradigm, especially for scalability. Email me if you want to talk about that.
Battle-tested Technical Project Managers who are proven producers at numerous web agencies and dev shops in Los Angeles and NYC
Colleagues from my college network (Carnegie Mellon University) in HCI, Computer Science, Engineering
A loyal group who have been with me from coast to coast, project to project, year after year

I am a Director-level:

Technical Producer Application Development Manager Technical Product Manager Information Architect Solutions Architect for eCommerce, mCommerce and custom CMS

What can I do for you?

Experience and Capabilities

  • Technical Documentation including API's
  • SOA including REST API's
  • Requirements Analysis and Documentation
  • Ideation, whiteboarding, process-mapping to produce Functional Requirements
  • RFP process and vendor selection
  • Software vendor transitions (off-boarding and on-boarding)
  • Evaluation, review and recommendations of 3rd party software and modules
  • Consultations on "build vs buy", custom vs "out of the box" vs "off-the-shelf" decisions
  • Functional Prototypes of Proof of Concept's
  • Next-Phase feature planning and roadmap, in concert with software development
  • Evaluate the current state of your system to assess for extendability and modification
  • Technical Specifications for new features and enhancements
  • Demos of trial software; installations on VM's for review
  • Build QA teams including training, regression and test plans
  • Provide technical oversight of your software vendor
  • Pre-launch, launch, post-launch: checklists, coordination, operations

My Deliverables and Technology


  • Wireframes
  • Technical Specifications for developers
  • Functional Requirements for business and/or tech
  • Functional prototypes in live html/css/js and demos (various platforms)

Preferred Technologies

Rails Angular Magento Linux Nginx MySQL Postgres VPS (cloud-based solutions)

Limited exposure to but am interested in more hands-on experience with: Demandware, Hybris

Previous Technologies

Wordpress, Drupal. I used to be a developer in C++ C Java Perl and briefly in Python, cakePHP and PHP.

Products Built and/or Managed

  • eCommerce and mCommerce, custom and off-the-shelf
  • Multiple custom CMS; in PHP and Rails
  • Windows 8 Metro app


Applications use responsive design and are desktop, mobile and tablet-friendly, just like this website!